Ads showing on mobile phones to represent changes in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries as a result of data
Ads showing on mobile phones to represent changes in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries as a result of data

In advance of our upcoming Data Science Salon: Applying AI and ML to Media, Advertising, and Entertainment virtual event, we asked our speakers, who are some of nation’s leading data scientists in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries, to answer a few of our most pressing questions about the future of their industries. Read on for their insights!

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the use of data for your industry?

“There are two key trends that are having a significant impact in terms of how data is used in the industry. The first is related to data privacy…

Based on your own past event data

Have you ever freaked out because your event is a couple of months away and you don’t have the number of registrants you thought you would? We’ve all been there!

In order to create an effective event marketing strategy, it’s important to set realistic KPIs, not just for your final registration number, but throughout your entire event promotion. This includes monthly checkpoints with your projected registration numbers. In order to do this, you’ll need some benchmark data, based off of your previous events.

+ Bonus Marketing Tips

As digital marketing has become a key component in almost any organization, marketing teams are constantly evaluating the tools they are using. It seems almost daily a new platform is being released, requiring new integrations and enhanced workflows.

What fewer marketing teams focused on was Martech’s long lost cousin — your event tech stack. Five years ago — or for some, a few months ago — event technology was not a major topic of discussion and mostly consisted of a registration platform and perhaps an event app. However, in today’s world, many events are being optimized with a virtual component…

Data Science Job Market Data

Based on a presentation at #DSSATX ( overall event recap here) by Chris Lindner — Manager, Product Science at Indeed. Watch the full presentation here.

Note: This talk was presented in February, and the job market has changed quite a bit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While not specific to jobs in data science, Chris recommends checking out the data Indeed economists have released from the Indeed Hiring Lab for updated hiring data.


Since 2013, data science job postings have increased by 256 percent. But even crazier: growth is still continuing. …

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We’re still at the start of a new decade, but enough time has passed to make and break brittle resolutions. But when it comes to your career, what [data] resolutions have you made and kept? We asked the speakers of the upcoming DSS ATX about what matters to them in 2020: keeping on top of data trends, hiring and continuing education, and being an excellent manager.

Predicting the Next Big Thing for 2020

There’s a lot to be said about the current trajectory of AI and ML, and predictions about the future of these disciplines are all over the map. Many old issues will continue to be…

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UPDATED: With physical distancing and shelter-in-place orders active across the nation, all events have either been postponed or moved to virtual events. Here is a short schedule of our upcoming virtual events; we will add to it as events are added.

Data Science Virtual Salons 2020:

- DSS Elevate Virtual | Women, Data, Tech (July 30, 2020 // Online) #DSSElevate

- DSS Elevate Virtual | Women, Data, Tech (August 27, 2020 // Online) #DSSElevate

- DSS Virtual Salon | Media, Advertising, Entertainment (September 22–25, 2020)

- DSS Virtual Salon | Retail & Ecommerce (Nov 17–20, 2020)

- DSS Virtual Salon

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A lot of ink has been spilled on the topic of the power of data science to disrupt industries. But a lot less has been said about data scientists in disrupted industries. We asked speakers from DSS LA (Applying AI & Ml to Media & Entertainment) for their take on finding the “right” data people to add to a team, the balance between data and creativity, and the biggest challenges they face in their industry.

Data vs. Creativity

On the surface, it might seem that when it comes to the heavy math that’s involved in ML and creating models that there’s not much…

See more content like this at our next DSS event in Seattle

Thank you to Doug Pestana for crafting this guest post.

If you are having the following symptoms at your company when it comes to business KPI forecasting, then maybe you need to look at automated forecasting:

  • Ugly Excel spreadsheets with multiple tabs and 2000s style pastel formatting
  • Business unit managers, store managers, operations managers, sales teams, and finance teams who give convoluted and indirect answers to basic questions about their forecasting methodology
  • Too much manual and human intervention giving “guard rails” to the forecasts with no documentation on why they were put in place
  • Lack of data science or data…

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In advance of the Data Science Salon taking place in Miami from September 10 to 11, we asked our speakers to shed some light on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impacting three of America’s largest industries. Whether these data science practitioners have been working in the fields of finance, hospitality or healthcare from 3 years to over a decade, the wide span of knowledge that their experiences bring is instrumental to understanding AI and ML’s global impact at large.

How is Data Science Boosting Your Industry’s Efficiency?

Within the healthcare industry, AI is making significant waves. According to…

Exploring Data Literacy with Afternoon of Data

If data is only useful to highly-skilled data practitioners, it’s not living up to its original promise of making your organization smarter, faster, and more effective. We sat down with speakers from Afternoon of Data presented by to explore the promise and pitfalls of data, promoting data literacy and ethics, and the role of data leaders in shaping organizational conversations around data.

Becoming Data-Driven

When your company is first making the decision to use data in it business analysis, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Tom Schenk Jr., Former Chief Data…


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